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Deep Sea Diving With Rolex

On 19 October 2021, by Sophie Reyssat

An exceptional wristwatch drove the Grenoble sale to victory, where items from Asia were also desirable.

Deep Sea Diving With Rolex

Rolex, Submariner 600 ft/200m, "Comex 420", ref. 5514/5513, n° 4089868, steel diving wristwatch, diam. 3.9 cm/1.4 in.
Result: €105,400 ($122,250)

The Rolex Submariner 600 ft/200m, "Comex 420" model kept its promise. Two devotees of beautiful watchmaking battled it out, achieving €105,400 ($122,250) … Bearing reference 5514/5513 and number 4089868, the imposing steel wristwatch (diam. 3.9 cm/1.4 in) had been acquired by its last owner from a Comex diver and had remained in the owner’s hands until today. It features a round case with crown and screw-in case back, the back marked "Rolex Comex 420". The inside of the case marked with the series number also provides the year: "I.72 ". Naturally, its rotating bezel is graduated to 60 minutes to calculate the dive time.

The subsequent lot was bound for China: two sumptuous boxes covered in gilt bronze and cloisonné enamel from the Qianlong period (1735-1796) with five-character marking, setting the purchaser back €24,056 ($27,900); circular in shape (diam. 6.5 cm/2.5 in), the boxes’ covers and rims feature lotus decoration and tendrils of foliage and are from the collection of the general Jean Baptiste Philippe Victor Comte (1825-1889), which was established in the second half of the 19th century. From the same provenance, there was also a jade "Champion" vase dating from the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), which raised €14,632 ($17,000); it consists of two adjoining tubular vessels, engraved with scrollwork, united by an eagle standing on a reclining bear, wings outstretched (h. 8.5 cm/3.3 in).

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