Pablo Picasso's favourite animals

On 08 November 2019, by Philippe Dufour

In Narbonne, a night bird in muted colours by the solar artist tripled its estimate.

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Hibou, 1953, white earthenware sculpture with red and black polychrome slip, one of an edition of twenty-five, marked "Edition Picasso 18 Madoura" beneath the claw, h. 32.5 cm.
Result: €75,640

For the Madoura studio, Picasso abandoned "toros and toreros", doves and female profiles, choosing this time to depict a bird once considered fearsome: the owl. He gave its form to a sculpture in white earthenware with red and black polychrome slip. Beneath its claw can be read "Edition Picasso 18 Madoura". For this rare edition of twenty-five issued in 1953 (referenced under no. 224 in Alain Ramié's catalogue), a collector fearlessly laid out €75,640. This fine score was also due to the fact that the owl came from a Perpignan family to whom it had been given by Picasso himself during one of his many stays in the Catalan city...

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