The Exquisite Pierre Moussa Collection

On 05 November 2019, by Anne Doridou-Heim
The banker, who died this summer, created his collection from pieces he fell in love with. A passion clearly shared, as a stream of fine results poured from Jean Goulden's positive  cornucopia of a box...

Jean Goulden (1878-1947), six-legged box in gilt copper and champlevé enamel, 1929, 8 x 32 x 27 cm.
Result: €162,500

All honour to this object of immense refinement, due to the talent of a silversmith and enameller of the Art Deco period: Jean Goulden. The artist, whose discovery of this ancestral technique from the Orthodox monks of Mount Athos is well-known, only produced ninety of these little wonders. The one here, from 1929, encapsulates his extraordinary talent: brilliantly executed enamelling and a refined geometrical approach tempered by a touch of Japanism in the form of a red sun. So it certainly deserved its winning bid of €162,500: the highest for the collection, whose sale ended with a total of €948,948. A 1930 hexagonal bowl (h. 23 cm) in silver-plated bronze and champlevé enamel expressed another facet of his art at €83,200.

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