Childhood Visions of Vietnamese Painters

On 18 March 2020, by Anne Doridou-Heim

Two of the greatest artists from the Hanoi College of Fine Arts painted intimate, poetic works.

Vu Cao Dam(1908-2000),Maternité, ink and colors on silk.
Result: €271,560

Asian painters have made a big comeback at Drouot. Those from Vietnam were in particularly high demand: two of its major modern artists received a warm welcome. A lively, colourful children's scene by Mai Trung Thu (1906-1980) entitled Joie de vivre II was balm for the soul at €297,080, the fourth-highest price ever paid for a work by the artist (source: Artnet), on a par with l'Instant musical (Musical Instant) and after Femmes au bain (Women in the Bath). Just behind was Maternité (Motherhood) by Vu Cao Dam (1908-2000), a very delicate work in total osmosis with the intimacy of the masters of the Hanoi College of Fine Arts. Even the tones echo the heart-warming theme. This ink and colour on silk fetched €271,500, the second-highest price in Europe and a European record. By the same artist, Bust of a Young Girl (h. 37 cm), in bronze with a brown patina recalling his early years as a sculptor, sold for €54,600. Lastly, a much rarer name, Nguyen Duc Nung (1914-1983), came out of the shadows. With €93,600, his Fillette au panier de fleurs (Girl with Flower Basket) (45 x 62 cm), painting on silk in 1936, in the movement of works by Nguyen Phan Chanh(1892-1984), set a world record (source: Artnet). The afternoon ended with total sales of €1,483,608.

Mai Trung Thu, dit Mai-Thu (1906-1980), Joie de vivre II, 1963, ink and colors on silk, 35 x 95 cm.Result: €297,080

Mai Trung Thu, dit Mai-Thu (1906-1980), Joie de vivre II, 1963, ink and colors on silk, 35 x 95 cm.
Result: €297,080

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