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King Louis XVI's Sister and her Furniture from the Tuileries Palace

On 17 April 2021, by Philippe Dufour

A bergère was the star at this sale in Normandy, where the name of Jean-Baptiste Oudry (1686-1755) and some delicate Ottoman miniatures also had an impact.

King Louis XVI's Sister and her Furniture from the Tuileries Palace

Attributed to Jean-Baptiste-Claude Séné (1748-1803), a lacquered wood bergère from the royal furniture of Madame Élisabeth at the Pavillon de Flore, in the Tuileries, original label in ink, 92.5 x 68 x 71 cm/36.4 x 26.7 x 27.9 in.
Result: €72,000

This comfortable chair in cream lacquered wood bears an original label in ink indicating its first owner: Madame Elisabeth, Louis XVI's sister. The place where the piece was located is also specified: the Pavillon de Flore, in the Tuileries Palace, Paris. Though it has no stamp, it can definitely be attributed to cabinetmaker Jean-Baptiste-Claude Séné (admitted as a master in 1769), as he was one of the princess's regular suppliers, especially for the Chateau de Montreuil. A wealth of assets that accounted for the fine bid of €72,000 (over three times its high estimate) from a European collector.

Also dating from the 18th century, a black chalk drawing on blue paper by Jean-Baptiste Oudry took second place with €25,200. This shows Le Passage du grand parterre de la Faisanderie à la terrasse supérieure (The Path from the Main Faisanderie Border to the Upper Terrace) (25.7 x 20.7 cm/10.12 x 8.15 in). The art of oriental miniaturists then made a striking appearance with an 18th-century Ottoman prayer book on paper, entitled En'âm-i Serîf. It included twelve surahs of the Koran with over 80 illuminated pages, 40 decorated with sacred images (Mecca, the Prophet's rosary, and so on), which garnered it €19,235.

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