Chequins from Venice: the glory of the doges

On 03 May 2019, by Philippe Dufour

It rained gold coins on this numismatic auction called "Croesus", in particular a multiple strike of 50 Venetian chequins, pocketed for €115,000.

Venice, multiple strike of 50 gold chequins, Doge Alvise IV Mocenigo (1763-1778), diam. 50.6 mm, weight 174 g.
Result: €115,000

Appraiser Marc Gimbert says the price is right, for "it’s an extremely rare coin you never see in auction rooms." These coins were prestigious: only the doges and their immediate entourage could use them. Our multiple strike was minted under the 118th doge, Alvise IV Mocenigo (1701-1778), who ruled from 1763 to 1778. On the obverse, he is depicted kneeling before Saint Mark, the patron saint of Venice, the word "Dux" for doge inscribed vertically. The reverse features a frontal view of the Christ, raising his right hand in blessing, his head with a nimbus and surrounded by stars in a mandorla with the words Regis iste ducat sit around it. The 50.6 mm diameter, 174 g coin is listed in Raffaele Paolucci’s reference work Coinage of the doges of Venice (1990).

Next came a group of remarkable coins from the Russian Empire, including a silver rouble struck in 1797 under the reign of Paul I. In mint condition, it weighs 29.66 g, measures 41 mm in diameter and fetched €6,450.

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