The call of nature, with Bugatti and Renaissance tapestry weavers

On 02 May 2019, by Philippe Dufour

Two antelopes tamed by Rembrandt Bugatti’s hand frolic against a backdrop of a flowering late 16th-century tapestry.

Rembrandt Bugatti (1885-1916), "Deux antilopes apprivoisées" (“Two tamed antelopes”), bronze with a brown patina on sea foam marble base, lost wax cast signed “A.A. Hébrard” and “R. Bugatti”, stamped “no. 3”, 22.7 x 45.3 x 10.4 cm.
Result: €300,000

This pair of peaceful herbivores is one of three known copies of a group made in 1905 by Bugatti, edited by Hébrard and cast by Albino Palazzolo. The bidding reached €300,000, putting it in the upper range of prices recorded for this sculpture (source: Artnet). Audenarde, in Flanders, and Enghien, in France, were the cradles of European tapestry. The wool and silk tapestry with Aristolochia décor came out of their workshops in the late Renaissance. It features tufts of flowers – daisies, poppies, daffodils, violets, periwinkles, strawberry blossoms, carnations, foxgloves, columbines – five birds, a lavish border decorated with foliage and crests in the corners. This high-flying masterwork sold for €200,000. Next up came a selection of stunning sports cars from the Trente Glorieuses era in France, including a beautiful R 1135 Renault Gordini 1300, which came out in 1967. Sold as is, it fetched €42,900. The auction also included contemporary art: an abstract, untitled oil painting by Wang Yan Cheng was bought for €27,100.

mobilier et objets d'art, Haute Époque, art nouveau, art déco, art d'Asie, tableaux anciens et modernes, dessins anciens, sculptures, bronzes, vélos anciens, Renault Gordini 1300 Type R 1135
Thursday 25 April 2019 - 14:00 - Catalogue
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