Tempus Fugit, Time Flies

On 05 February 2021, by Anne Doridou-Heim

Among the Larminet-Davioud Collection’s 16th-century pieces, ivory and wooden sculptures drew the most interest.

Allegory of Time, ivory carved in the round depicting a nude, winged allegorical figure bestriding a globe and carrying a skeleton wrapped in a shroud on his back, 16th-century, h. 11.8 cm (4.65 in).
Result: €40,300

Georges Davioud, a Lille antique dealer, built this collection over the course of a lifetime but kept it out of sight. The pieces are in a wide variety of materials. Those in ivory received the highest bids, notably this astonishing 16th-century Allegory of Time statuette. A nude, winged figure bestriding a globe and holding an hourglass and a sickle carries a skeleton in a shroud on his back. It is hard to be more explicit. Only 11.8 centimeters (4.65 in) high, the work sold for €40,300.

An ivory and blackened wood altarpiece depicting the Crucifixion attributed to German artist Johann Michael Maucher (1645-1701) and his studio fetched €37,700, while a carved oak Resurrection of Christ (h. 83.5 cm, l. 90 cm, 32.88 and 35.44 in) made in the Limburg area around 1520 sold for €44,200.

The work’s dynamism gives it an almost naïve realism: Christ sticks his left leg out of the tomb, as though in a hurry to get away! The piece belonged to industrialist Félix Doistau (1846-1936), a collector who donated works to national museums, notably the Louvre.

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