A Focus on Latin American Art

On 02 March 2021, by Anne Doridou-Heim

Geometric figuration, championed by the Argentinean César Pasternosto, opened the way to the future discovery of other South American artists.

César Paternosto (b. 1931), Three Vertical Panels, 1974, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 81 cm (23.63 x 31.89 in).
Result: €28,160

This was a first for the Ader auction house, keen to highlight Central and South American artists who saw France as the hotspot of creation in the 1950s. The opportunity came with the sale of the paintings from the collection of Saùl Yurkievich (1931-2005). This native of La Plata was a key figure in Argentina's cultural history, and had worked on the Centre Pompidou's 1992 retrospective on these artists.

The top results were posted by three of his country's leading names—all born in the same city, as it happened. César Paternosto (b. 1931)— rightly considered the painter of geometric figuration— was the most eagerly awaited with this 1974 acrylic on canvas entitled Three Vertical Panels, which fetched €28,160. Alejandro Puente (1933-2013), the designer of "systems that make objects", garnered €23,040 for a Composition (60 x 90 cm/23.63 x 35.4 in) from 1965. Meanwhile, Luis Tomasello (1915-2014), an exponent of kinetic art spotted by Denise René, landed €12,160 for his Chromoplastic Atmosphere (36 x 36 x 5 cm/14.2 x 14.2 x 1.9 in), a painted wooden relief from 1970-1975. Tomasello created mobiles like playful sculptures which, to quote Saùl Yurkievich, "aimed to break confinements". An example worth following...

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