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A Brazilian Still Life by Alberto da Veiga Guignard

On 07 June 2021, by Anne Doridou-Heim

Alberto da Veiga Guignard and Henri-Edmond Cross were the front runners at this sale focusing on modern artists.

A Brazilian Still Life by Alberto da Veiga Guignard

Alberto da Veiga Guignard (1896-1962), Nature morte (Still Life), 1928, oil on canvas, 50 x 60 cm/19.7 x 23.6 in.
Result: €89,600

The resplendent bouquets and landscapes of Minas Gerais by Brazilian artist Alberto da Veiga Guignard (1896-1962) drive the success of South American painting sales in the United States. His works are much scarcer in Europe, so this still life could not go unnoticed, fetching €89,600. It apparently depicts a small part of the artist’s studio. the bananas—an exotic fruit not very common in Europe at the time—are undoubtedly there to evoke his homeland.

Guignard’s widowed mother married a German baron and moved to Germany with her son. Painted in 1928, this work recalls that he studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. In the late 1920s, he returned to Brazil to begin his career, becoming one of the country’s leading modern painters.

The charming, luminous Treille à Levens (Trellis in Levens, 45.5 x 59 cm/17.7 x 23.2 in.) painted c. 1889 by Henri-Edmond Cross (1856-1910) fetched €76,800.

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