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Birkin by Hermès: Business Is in the Bag

Published on , by Anne Doridou-Heim

A "Himalaya" Hermès Birkin bag has climbed the peaks.

Birkin by Hermès: Business Is in the Bag

Hermès Paris, 2016, "Himalaya" Birkin bag in Crocodylus niloticus, palladium-plated silver metal fasteners and clasp, double handle, keys under bell, covered padlock, l. 35 cm.
Result: €124 800

Savvy women know to find the much sought-after bag models in specialized sales, for which the wait in the boutique is often long, too long... This is particularly true of the Hermès collection, and even more so of the iconic Birkin model (see the article A Solid Investment: The Hermès 'Himalaya' Birkin Bag).

This time, drum roll, the offering was even more special since it was of course a Crocodylus niloticus specimen, one of the rarest because it is dyed by hand in a white and gray tie-dye reminiscent of the colors of the Himalayas: absolute Nirvana! Last but not least, it is in perfect condition, presented with a certificate of authenticity, box and dustbag. These many qualities brought the final sum to €124,800.

Luxury handbags are now considered an attractive investment by investors. The French celebrity Nabilla—who received one from her husband-to-be for her 28th birthday, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga: all these fashionistas will face tough competition.

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