Artist Seund Ja Rhee Celebrated in Cannes

On 30 November 2020, by Philippe Dufour

The yearly "Morceaux choisis" (Chosen Works) sale lived up to its name with enthralling works by a Korean-born French artist and Paul Jenkins.

Seund Ja Rhee (1918-2009), Composition abstraite (Abstract Composition), 1961, oil on canvas, 89 x 146 cm (approx. 35 x 57.5 in).
Result: €210,600

The result achieved by Seund Ja Rhee’s Composition abstraite (Abstract Composition) attests to the popularity of this courageous artist, who moved to southern France in 1951. International admirers bid the price up to €210,600, far above its high estimate of €60,000. The painting’s date might have something to do with this success: 1961, the beginning of the prodigious decade during which Seund Ja Rhee (1918-2009) became known, which she called Woman and Earth. Another contemporary artwork also stood out: Phenomena (54 x 65 cm/approx. 21.26 x 25.6 in), a lively oil on canvas by American lyrical abstract expressionist Paul Jenkins, fetched €10,010. The painting dates from 1965, which probably accounts for its tart palette of pop colors.

Wednesday 18 November 2020 - 13:30 - Live
Pichon & Noudel-Deniau (Azur Enchères)
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