Precision weapon

On 21 October 2019, by Sylvain Alliod

Banksy has been a troublemaker in the art market for some fifteen years, using anonymity and attention-grabbing events to push up his price index, despite his denials. This stencil could well benefit.

Banksy (British, b. 1975), Precision Bombing, 2000, spray paint and stencil on canvas mounted on panel, signed in stencil within the work, with various stencil tests on the back, 26 x 46 cm.
Estimate: €90,000/150,000

Just as Banksy has set a new world record (on 3 October for Devolved Parliament, sold in London for £9.91 M), no fewer than eleven of his works are appearing in a sale at Drouot entirely devoted to urban art. This stencil dating from 2000 is the acme. Entitled Precision Bombing, it shows a group of men about to get into a car locked in the crosshair of a gun, where the viewer is right in the marksman's position. Disturbing?  Undoubtedly, especially since the title refers to a military tactic developed during the very first air raids designed to limit collateral damage and the number of victims. In other words, the myth of "clean war" sold with a vengeance (and with all the limitations we know so well) by the American military HQ on CNN during the Gulf War… With Banksy, of course, guerillas are urban: this stencil first appeared on the wall of a London street. The stencil is the artist's favourite modus operandi as a technique enabling him to work rapidly anywhere, including on canvas, as here – a Precision Bombing which is in fact the only one of its kind in this format.

Monday 21 October 2019 - 15:00 - Live
Salle 1 - Drouot-Richelieu - 9, rue Drouot - 75009
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