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The Marcel Sztejnberg Collection: Sculpture and Silverware

On 23 September 2021, by Claire Papon

Part two of the Marcel Sztejnberg sale features nearly 170 lots, including porcelain and 17th and 18th-century silverware.

The Marcel Sztejnberg Collection: Sculpture and Silverware

Jean II Villain. Paris, c. 1682-1683, vermeil travel kit with a green silk lined case including a cup, cutlery, a folding knife, a nutmeg grater-cum-corkscrew and a condiment box, weight 235 g/8.29 oz.
Estimate: €12,000/15,000

On February 4, collectors gathered for part one of the Marcel Sztejnberg collection sale. The list of cities in the catalog looks like the Tour de France, from Aix-en-Provence to Dunkerque, Morlaix, Verdun, Aurillac, Bayonne, Caen, Paris and Tours. Part two features a fine set of ragout and olive spoons, including an amusing one by Jean Bardon (1781-1783) of Montpellier with a rotating rosette and a stylized feline's head (€1,500/2,000).  

Chambery products are rare at auction. A large shaker decorated with gadroons and lambrequins (1725-1751) by Pierre Dupuy is estimated at €25,000/30,000. A curious-looking pair of shells (1775-1776) imitating scallops, standing on three shell-shaped feet and with coral branch handles by Gabriel Mestre of Bordeaux, is expected to fetch €5,000/6,000. It is modeled on the Orloff service made by Jacques-Nicolas Roëttiers two years earlier. A small braided silver skimmer by Isaac Coutin (Paris, 1677-1703) from the Meyer de Schauensee collection, the only example known to date, has a modest estimate of €1,500/2,000.

The oldest piece is a late 14th or early 15th-century vermeil-edged silver drinking cup similar to one in the trove of silverware found in the former Hôtel-Dieu de Coëffort in Le Mans (€12,000/15,000) in 1953. Complete with its case and pieces, a "necessary" travel kit by Jean II Villain (see photo) is the only known French example from the period (1682-1683). Its forms, engraved decoration and ingenious system are based on the work of Nuremberg silversmiths. Collectors and museums will be vying for this piece.

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