Oscar Niemeyer: The "Poet of Curves"

On 09 April 2021, by Caroline Legrand

Designed in the 1970s, this chair, combining metal and fabric upholstery, is one of the iconic creations of Brazil's most famous architect and designer.

Oscar Niemeyer (1907-2012), Pair of armchairs with ottomans, Alta or Brasilia ON1, 1970-1979, brushed aluminum legs and ecru wool upholstery.
Estimate: €15,000/20,000

While people generally think of Oscar Niemeyer as the famous architect of splendid buildings like the Cathedral of Our Lady Aparecida in Brasilia, the headquarters of the French Communist Party in Paris and the futuristic Ravello auditorium in Italy, he also designed decidedly modernistic furniture imbued with curves, like all his creations. This was not surprising for a man who, as he put it himself, came to architecture through drawing and a liking for gesture and virtuosic lines. His style is clearly recognizable in this base made of large brushed stainless steel aluminum plates, beautifully rounded in a positive invitation to relaxation and visual delight.

Created for Mobilier International in the 1970s, this armchair and ottoman model has Bakelite buttons on the back and ecru wool upholstery (though it also comes in black leather). Niemeyer designed it with his wife Anna Maria Niemeyer (1930-2012). He called it Alta or Brasilia ON1, as it was part of the furniture intended for the buildings of the Brazilian capital (Niemeyer largely contributed to plans for the city in 1956). The Niemeyers were much involved in the design of their times, adding their highly distinctive touch in terms of harmonious curves to a movement focused on imagination and ease.

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