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Peche, Ernst (1885-1946). 4 vols. Etchings, signed...

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Peche, Ernst (1885-1946). 4 vols. Etchings, signed in pencil: Hansel and Gretel / Liebesfrühling / Der Storch bringt was / Frau vor Spiegel. 10.7:7.8 to 9.5:10.4cm, plus margins. Enclosed: 2 national socialist confession sheets, monogr. and dat. 1932 and 1941 - One of the 4 etchings with crease. - In contrast to his brother Dagobert, Ernst Peche strove for a reform of nature painting in lyrical objectivity. Thieme/B. and Müller/S. refer to his drawings in the Albertina collection.