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† HOKYUDO ITSUMIN: A FINE NETSUKE-OKIMONO OF SHOKI AND ONI By Hokyudo Itsumin, signed Hokyudo Itsumin to Japan, Edo/Tokyo, second half of 19th century Finely carved, Shoki leaning his body over a narrow barrel pressing down on the lid as an oni struggles to adjust to the confined quarters of his new home. Shoki’s face bearing a stern expression, his eyes of inlaid pale translucent horn, the musculature of his hands and forearms nicely detailed. The mischievous devil’s face visible beneath the barrel lid, its head slightly flattened, and its two claws reaching out over the rim on the verge of being smashed. Natural himotoshi, signed to the base of the barrel HOKYUDO ITSUMIN to [carved by Hokyudo Itsumin]. HEIGHT 5.3 cm Condition: Very good condition with minor wear. Auction comparison: Compare a closely related wood okimono of Shoki and oni by the same artist, also signed Hokyudo Itsumin to, at Zacke, Asian Art Discoveries, 1 September 2022, Vienna, lot 285 (sold for EUR 3,034). 13% VAT will be added to the hammer price additional to the buyer's premium - only for buyers within the EU.