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Ɏ AN IVORY NETSUKE OF A BAYING KIRIN, ATTRIBUTED TO MITSUHARU Attributed to Mitsuharu, unsigned Japan, Kyoto, late 18th to early 19th century, Edo period (1615-1868) Finely carved as a Kirin with pupils inlaid in dark horn, the body and neck turned backwards, the head and snout turned upwards, and letting out a hearty roar. Carved masterfully; the flaming, bushy tail curls upwards and touches the Kirin on the chin. The fatty tissue on the mythical animal’s haunches and the scales covering the body are carved with detail. The hooves are arranged atypically, reminiscent of Mitsuharu, lending further movement to the composition. Excellent asymmetrical himotoshi through the back and underside. The ivory bearing a superb deep honey-yellow patina. HEIGHT 5.5 cm Condition: Restoration to the snout and jowl. Otherwise, very good condition with minor wear and expected natural age cracks. The Kirin is derived from the Chinese mythical beast Qilin, one of the four divine creatures, the others being the dragon, phoenix and turtle. The Japanese Kirin is something of wild mythical fantasy – its most characteristic feature is of course the horn, as it is also called the Japanese unicorn. It has four legs with hooves and the hindlegs are covered with very well-expressed fatty tissue, like that of a Shishi. The rest of the body is covered in dense plumage, like that of a phoenix. Auction comparison: Compare a closely related ivory netsuke of a baying kirin, restored to one leg and one hoof, at Galerie Zacke, Fine Netsuke & Sagemono, 29 October 2021, Vienna, lot 50 ( sold for EUR 15,168). Trade Certificate: The trade certificate for the sale of this lot within the EU has been granted (permit number FR2309314423-K). This item contains ivory, rhinoceros horn, tortoise shell, and/or some types of tropical wood and is subject to CITES when exporting outside the EU. It is typically not possible to export such items outside of the EU, including to the UK. Therefore, after this item has the necessary trade certificate, it can only be shipped within the EU or picked up in our gallery in person.