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Ɏ AN AMUSING MARINE IVORY OKIMONO OF AN ONI AND A CRAB Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912) The muscular oni, down on one knee, with his head raised to the sky, as he yelps in pain from the pinch of a crab to his behind, one hand to his hip soothing the sting as the other hand is extended in a stop motion. The mischievous devil, dressed only in a tiger skin loincloth, is depicted in a typical manner with two horns, pronounced musculature, and long finely incised hair. The agonized eyes are inlaid with dark wood. Smooth patina. LENGTH 6.2 cm Condition: Very good condition with minor wear and age cracks. Sections of the flowing sash restored. Provenance: Collection Gabor Orszagh, Budapest, Hungary. Trade Certificate: The trade certificate for the sale of this lot within the EU has been granted (permit number AT 24-B-0123). This item contains ivory, rhinoceros horn, tortoise shell, and/or some types of tropical wood and is subject to CITES when exporting outside the EU. It is typically not possible to export such items outside of the EU, including to the UK. Therefore, after this item has the necessary trade certificate, it can only be shipped within the EU or picked up in our gallery in person.