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A FINE YANAGAWA SCHOOL SHAKUDO FUCHI AND KASHIRA WITH TIGERS After Yanagawa Naomasa, Signed Yanagawa Naomasa Japan, Yanagawa school, 19th century, Edo period (1615-1868) Each with a fine nanako-shakudo ground and decorated in superb gold and shakudo takazogan depicting a single tiger grooming itself, and another tiger on the fuchi near bamboo sprouts playing with its young which hides in a rocky outcropping. The fuchi signed YANAGAWA NAOMASA. HEIGHT 4 cm WEIGHT 35.9 g Condition: Very good condition with minor wear. Two artists named Yanagawa Naomasa, father and son, appear in the Haynes Index of Japanese Sword Fittings and Associated Artists with the same signature, see p. 1327-1328 (H 06690.0 & H 06692.0). Museum comparison: Compare a closely related fuchi and kashira with a gold tiger with shakudo stripes, in the Vicotria & Albert Museum, accession number M.1354FUCHI-1931. Compare a related fuchi and kashira by the same artist depicting a gold dragon, signed Yanagawa Naomasa, dated early to mid-19th century, in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, accession number 11.5202a.