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BIZEN YOKOYAMA SUKENAGA: A TANTO IN SHIRASAYA WITH SUPERB KOSHIRAE By Bizen Yokoyama Sukenaga (active c. 1830-1851), signed Sukenaga Japan, Edo period (1615-1868) The blade: The sugata is honzukuri with iori mune, the hada is itame, the hamon is choji midare with suguha near the tip and omaru boshi. The nakago is ubu with a haagiri jiri, kiri yasurime, and a mei reading SUKENAGA. The one-piece gold habaki with horizontal file marks. In a shirasaya. The mounting: Comprising a lacquered saya finely decorated in gold hiramaki-e with cherry blossoms and scattered petals against a nashiji ground, the matching kashira, fuchi, koiguchi, and kurigata of shakudo migaki-ji and decorated in gold and silver takazogan and hirazogan with maple leaves amid swirling streams, the kozuka similarly decorated to one side and the reverse with cherry blossoms in silver hirazogan against a shakudo ground, the stuka wrapped with lacquered twine over rayskin, the silver menuki in the form of leaping hares with gilt eyes. With an NBTHK Hozon Token (Sword Worthy of Preservation) certificate no. 325115 dated 11 July 1990. NAGASA 19.4 cm, LENGTH 34.3 cm (the shirasaya) and 35.3 cm (the koshirae) Condition: Excellent condition with minor wear.