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KANEMOTO: A WAKIZASHI IN KOSHIRAE By Kanemoto, signed Kanemoto Japan, Edo period (1615-1868) The blade: The sugata is shinogi-zukuri with iori mune. The hada is itame and the hamon is gunome-sanbonsugi with nie and nioi. The nakago with one mekugi-ana, a kuri jiri, katte-agari yasurime, and mei reading KANEMONO. The mounting: The iron tsuba of aori gata form and engraved with dragonflies and meandering streams, the nanako shakudo fuchi and kashira with gold, silver, and copper takazogan depicting figures carrying a boat with ropes amid crashing waves and rockwork. The tsuka covered in rayskin and wrapped with dark-blue textile. The gold menuki cast as pairs of crabs. The saya lacquered in lustrous roiro. NAGASA 40.7 cm, SORI 0.5 cm, LENGTH 59.5 cm (the koshirae) Condition: Overall good condition, the blade with minor wear, small blisters, tiny rust spots, a minor shallow chip to the kissaki, light scratches and few shallow chips to the saya, a minor loss to the kurigata, small nicks and rubbing to the hardware.