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A TOSEI GUSOKU WITH FUDO MYO-O DO AND A SUJIBACHI KABUTO BY MYOCHIN NOBUIE, WITH NKBKHK TOKUBETSU KICHO SHIRYO CERTIFICATE The helmet by Myochin Nobuie, signed Myochin Nobuie Japan, the helmet 16th century, late Muromachi period (1333-1573), the armor late Edo period (1615-1868) The components fitted with gilt-metal hardware and laced predominantly in blue and white. The armor comprising suji-bachi kabuto with a sixty-two plate hachi signed MYOCHIN NOBUIE and topped by a five-tiered chrysanthemum-form tehen kanamono, the mabizashi with a gilt-copper fukurin, applied with stenciled leather depicting a tiger and dragon, and mounted with a gilt-bronze maedate with foliate decorations below the rare Ito Inazuma mon in the form of an angular spiral representing lightning, repeated on the gold and black-lacquered fukigaeshi, all above a four-lame shikoro; the iron menpo with a striking nose protector in the form of a tengu beak and three-lame yodarekake; the tatehagi okegawa do lacquered to the central plate in gold, silver, and red with Fudo Myo-o, fitted with seven sections of five-lame kusazuri; a pair of six-lame sode; and pairs of kote, haidate, and suneate with iron kusari and plates over brocade cloth. The back of the do mounted with a bamboo sashimono with a horsehair fringe. With a Tokubetsu Kicho Shiryo (Especially Important Object) certificate from the Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor (Nihon Katchu Bugu Kenkyu Hozon Kai – NKBKHK), no. 1677, dated 12 November Heisei 29 (2017), confirming the dating above. Condition: Good condition with expected wear, losses and tears to cloth, minor age cracks and flaking to lacquer. With a wood storage box. Auction comparison: Compare a related suit of armor with a do decorated in flat inlay to depict Fudo Myo-o, dated to the 18th century, at Christie’s, 11 December 2018, London, lot 4 ( sold for 75,000 GBP).