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NOGAWA: A BRONZE BRUSHPOT DEPICTING A HAWK HUNTING A MONKEY By the Nogawa company, sealed with the Nogawa company mark Japan, late 19th century, Meiji period (1868-1912) The cylindrical brushpot finely decorated in kebori, katakiribori, and with gilt, silver, shibuichi, and suaka (copper) takazogan, depicting a hawk perched on a branch of a gnarled pine tree and a monkey hiding in an alcove. The base with the Nogawa company mark. HEIGHT 24.4 cm WEIGHT 1,611 g Condition: Very good condition with minor wear, few light surface scratches, small nicks, and casting irregularities. Founded in Kyoto in 1825, during the Meiji era, the Nogawa Company developed into a commissioning house that showed at major international expositions between 1893 and 1910 as well as at the Naikoku Kangyo Hakurankai (Domestic Industrial Promotion Exhibitions) in 1881 and 1890. The company had a popular store that was on the "must-see" list for international globetrotters, as well as showrooms in the Kyoto and Miyako Hotels. Auction comparison: Compare a related bronze vase, 30.5 cm high, dated to the Meiji period, at Christie’s, Japanese and Korean Art, 11 September 2012, New York, lot 119 (sold for USD 5,250).