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HONDA SYORYU: A LARGE WOVEN BAMBOO BASKETRY SCULPTURE, UNDULATION By Honda Syoryu (Shoryu, born 1951), signed Syoryu Japan, 21st century Of abstract form, finely crafted from madake (bamboo) finely woven with a horizontal herringbone pattern. Signed to a bamboo tablet SYORYU. HEIGHT 67 cm Condition: Good condition with little wear, light surface scratches, few tiny splits, small areas of darkening and distortion, and few minuscule losses. Honda Syoryu himself remarks about his work: “I create sculptures about space and time, about the magnificence and mystery of the universe. Six years ago, I moved to the city of Matsumoto, where the sky and mountains spread out before my eyes. I am becoming more and more inspired by the beauty of this area. Working with bamboo, it is almost impossible to have total control over the form that you intend to make. When I make my art, I am in constant dialogue with the bamboo. This material’s unique pliability allows me to draw beautiful, naturally curving lines in space. The textures I create cannot be achieved with any other medium. I feel great satisfaction when working together with the bamboo leads me to create a sculpture beyond my imagination.” Syoryu has virtually abandoned traditional ideas about the function of basketry acquired during his early training, choosing instead to create dramatic curvilinear sculptures from fine stained bamboo strips woven in nawame (twining) technique. Once a few rows of twining have been completed, he leaves the verticals exposed for several inches at both ends, uses hot water to soften the entire piece, and then kneads it into shape, pulling up some of the rows to form the gaps seen in the finished work. The free ends of the verticals are then plaited and secured with a binding of rattan. Syoryu works are held in various museum collections such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, and The Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. He has received many prizes for his bamboo sculptures. Auction comparison: Compare a related bamboo sculpture by the same artist, titled Galaxy (Seiun) 2001, at Christie’s, The Collection of Victoria, Lady de Rothschild, 9 December 2021, London, lot 161 (sold for GBP 18,750). Also compare a related bamboo sculpture by the same artist at Zacke, Fine Japanese Art, 16 June 2023, Vienna, lot 168 ( sold for EUR 11,700).