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A RARE SHIBUICHI YATATE (PORTABLE WRITING SET) Japan, 19th century Of oval form, the shibuichi yatate finely decorated on its hinged cover in gold, copper and silver hirazogan with fine katakiribori and kebori engravings, depicting tall autumn grasses with some blossoms beneath a crescent moon partly obscured by the cloudy sky. The yatate contains five compartments on the interior, one for the storage of ink (sumi) and the longest housing four writing tools: a paper cutter, scissors, a telescope brush (damaged), and a ruler. With a loop stem-form himotoshi linked to a gourd-shaped finial. LENGTH 6 cm WEIGHT 71.1 g Condition: Very good condition with minor wear and traces of use. The telescope brush damaged. Provenance: From a German diplomatic collection, acquired between 1998 and 1999. Nagel Auction, 12 May 2007, Stuttgart, lot 2815.