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A FINE LACQUERED WOOD CABINET REFERENCING VARIOUS POPULAR LEGENDS Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912) Supported on bracket feet, the open cabinet with three drawers bearing a fine nashiji interior, the design executed in gold and colored takamaki-e, as well as some hiramaki-e and kirigane flakes. The top shows a pine tree hanging over a rake and broom (referencing Jo and Uba), along the front a prunus blossoms, the back with kiku (chrysanthemum) blossoms and an inkstone (suzuri), referencing the Chrysanthemum Boy (Kikujido). The sides decorated with harvested wheat sheeves as well as a sake jar and sake saucer enclosing the character Ju (long life), referencing the drunken sprites known as shojo. SIZE 25.7 x 21.4 x 16.4 cm Condition: Good condition with wear, small nicks to edges, a few cracks, some with associated repairs, and a few losses to lacquer foil inlay and other lacquered details. The present cabinet was likely either used as a cosmetic cabinet (hanagamidai) or as a cabinet for the incense matching game (kodogu bako). Museum comparison: Compare a related lacquer cabinet with three drawers, belonging to the Asaka family, in the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, accession number 2011-0021.