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KATSUKAWA SHUNSHÔ (1726-1792), KITAO MASANOBU (1761-1816) AND TOSA MITSUTADA (1738 - 1806) Japan, Edo period 21,5 - 30 cm x 13 - 18,5 cm Katsukawa Shunshô (1726-1792): 1) Page from he book ''Ehon butai ogi'' (The Book of the Stage in fans). Chest portrait of an actor, around 1770. 2) Page with a depiction of an actor and a woman secretly watching him from behind a curtain, probably Shunshô. 3) Book page from ''Nishiki hyakunin isshu Azuma ori''. Publisher: Kariganeya Seikichi, ca. 1775. Kitao Masanobu (1761-1816): 4 & 5) Two book pages from ''Hyakunin Isshu Kokon Kyoka Bukuro'' (One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets - A Bag of Kyoka Poems from All Eras). 6) Tosa Mitsutada (1738-1806): Book page from the series ''Hyakunin isshu'' (100 poets). Minor wear, one page with traces of worms, traces of foxing, some trimmed, backed, mounted in passepartout