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MELLERIO dits MELLER - Ring in platinum 850‰,...

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MELLERIO dits MELLER - Ring in platinum 850‰, adorned at its center with a rectangular cut diamond, shouldered by two times three baguette-cut diamonds. Signed and numbered 34968. French work, hallmarked MELLERIO dits MELLER frères et fils. Traces of wear. Finger size 51 Gross weight 7.30 g Gemological analysis report no. 406115 Paris, 50/12/2023 Identification: Diamond - Treatment: N - No indication of treatment - Shape/Size: rectangular cut/degree - Dimensions: 10.81 x 7.05 x 4.93 mm - Mass: 3.29 ct - Color: J - Clarity: VS2 - Cut: Good - Polished: Good - Symmetry: Good - Luminescence: None - Type: IIa - Comment(s): Additional facet, brown nuance. Type IIa diamonds are rare, but their genesis and composition give them a special brilliance known as dispersion. This incredible ability enables them to break down ambient light into a formidable firework display. These qualities give Type IIa diamonds a widely recognized reputation. "Type IIa diamonds are reputed to have good color, good purity, adjectives we often give to old, historic stones from the Golconde deposit in India "*. These include the Régent, preserved in the Louvre, discovered in Golconde in 1698 and purchased in 1717 by Philippe, Duc d'Orléans, Regent of France, after whom it was named. *Aurélien Delaunay, L'analyse des diamants de type IIa, Laboratoire Français de Gemmologie, 2019. MELLERIO dits MELLER, house founded in 1613, of Italian origin, supported by Marie de Médicis who favored its establishment in France. Supplier to the great French and European families, it is still located at 9, rue de la Paix in Paris.