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ANNA TAS (England, current). "A thing of beauty...

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ANNA TAS (England, current). "A thing of beauty #2 Cymothoe (Yen-Red)", 2013. Archival pigment with lenticular lens, copy 7/10. Signed, numbered and titled on the back. Measurements: 92 x 92 cm. In her series of reticular butterflies, the British artist Anna Tas questions us about beauty as an unattainable ideal, about beauty as something abstract and unattainable, but also as something false, constructed by society and changing. Best known for her lenticular images, Anna Tas's work has been described as conceptual yet compelling, and allows the audience to interpret what they see in their own way, as well as stimulating debate about how we see and how images persist in our minds. "I am fascinated by the physical interaction the viewer has with a lenticular piece, the way it changes with their movement and viewing angle: it provides an initial moment of surprise and then a long period of contemplation. A literal and figurative back and forth. I really like the dialogue that is established with a viewer who sees the work from his own perspective, not mine, someone who has no preconceived idea of what I am trying to say [...] I have no answers, I don't judge, I just ask. I'm attracted to analyzing why we think what we think, how we develop and learn to decode what we see and assign certain values (for lack of a better word) without really being aware that that's what we do. I am part of something, but I am also on the fringes of it: I observe, I look, I question, I wonder. Why? What? How?". Anna Tas was born and raised in Kent, in the southeast of the United Kingdom, between London and Europe. As the artist herself notes, "I think a certain island mentality is very much ingrained in my bones, that sense of being part of something and yet separate from it, is something I feel very strongly about in my life. As a child I loved Roald Dahl's anarchic stories, and later I was drawn to things like Monty Python, ridiculous, tense and comically brilliant. There is that "gallows" humor that the British are known for: in the face of death we are defiant to the point of madness, as someone once so eloquently put it, and my realization of our mortality (which occurred to me for no concrete reason at age 4), combined with this dark sense of humor and my constant questioning, have underpinned everything I do." Selected events: ROAR, June 2014, Silicon Fine Art Prints, Philadelphia. SCOPE BASEL, June 2014, Basel, Switzerland. Masters of LXRY, December 12 - 16, 2013, Amsterdam. SCOPE MIAMI BEACH, December 2013, Miami, FL. Realisme, January 2012 - Amsterdam Passenger Terminal, The Netherlands. Artist Spotlight lecture, June 2011 - lecture, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, USA. Trickery, May 2011 - Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia, USA. Tableau Fine Arts Magazine, September/October 2010, article about the gallery. Spectacle Obscura, October 2010 - Bambi Gallery, Philadelphia, USA. 47th SPE Conference and Silicon Gallery photography competition, March 2010. Silicon Gallery, Philadelphia, USA. AAF Brussels 2010, February 2010 - Brussels, Belgium (featured in Tele Matin, France) Pretty Pretty Pretty, November 2008 - Bambi Gallery, Philadelphia, USA. Factory of Photography, May 2008 - International group exhibition in Lodz, Poland. Anna's work is in private collections around the world, including New York, Miami, London, Amsterdam, Rome, New Delhi and Hong Kong.