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MAXIME DUFOUR (20th century). "Super Apple", 2013, from the series "Eidolon". Digital color print mounted on diasec, 8/8 copy (five 40 x 40 cm; three 70 x 70 cm and one 100 x 100 cm). With label on the back of the gallery Espace-art 22, Brussels. This work appears on the artist's website. Measurements: 100 x 100 cm. Maxime Dufour explains the series "Eidolon" or "The Lost Honor of Superheroes" as follows: "On September 12, 2063, the Superheroes, lobbyists of the planet's large multinationals, realized the abysmal error of their ways. Disillusioned by the immeasurable list of misdeeds of their employers, they decided to hang up their suits in the checkroom and ended up wandering, haggard, in the basements of their secret bases, thinking about their past mistakes...". He continues "The series invites us to reflect on the disastrous consequences of our consumerist actions, on the utopia of our free will and on the incoherence of our Judeo-Christian achievements. The nude models pragmatically embody a powerful fantasy of our culture, where the forbidden meets desire in an irresistible maelstrom of beauty and youth. The modern superhero must be under 25 and have an absolutely perfect figure. Apollo, Adonis, Ephebo, words are legion to describe him. Patroclus, Ganymede, Hephaistion or, more recently, Tadzius, he is found everywhere, but only in artistic or historical contexts. Useful hypocrisy; only on this condition, one can accept his nudity and partially lift one of the last taboos of our contemporary societies. However, pornography remains, but not where some would expect. The real indecency of the photos in "Lost Honor" comes from the concrete wall, not from the nudity. How could man have allowed his environment to degrade him to such an extent? This wall is the allegory of alienation, the disgrace imposed from birth, the incarnation of a humanity stripped of its most elementary foundations. Attached to this symbol of forced slavery, the logos of the big multinationals appear, triumphant, as liberating icons. Oil, tobacco, chemicals, nuclear energy, food, textiles, luxury goods and new technologies are the great villains of today. Child labor, deforestation, massive pollution, abuse of dominant position, smear strategies, fraudulent acquisition of marketing monopolies... they spare us nothing, they hypnotize us with bright colors and anesthetic slogans. "You won't come to us again by chance", "That's all I like", "Just do it", "Think different", are hypnagogic aphorisms designed to make us forget the darkness of their true intentions. But the story has a happy ending. Our superheroes end up "thinking differently" and realize their blunders. And so, in a state of profound lucidity, naked as nature created them, they return to the steps that have always been theirs, those of Liberty and Fraternity. But that is another story..." (text extracted from the artist's website). Maxime Dufour began his career in the world of communication and culture, and then turned to photography. Perspective, geometry and fragmentation are some of the strong points of his production. He also worked on activist portraits for institutions, private clients and the fashion world. She dedicated herself to the realization of contemporary art photographic projects, particularly on the questioning of nudity that continues to offend our sensibilities. He has worked for Sony, FNAC, Leroy Merlin or Carrefour, among others.