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ARNE QUINZE (Belgium, 1971). "Pilosus", 2019....

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ARNE QUINZE (Belgium, 1971). "Pilosus", 2019. Aluminum, acrylic and marble base. Unique piece . Measurements: 153 x 40 x 29 cm. In this monumental work, Quinze attempts to capture the strength, fragility and diversity of nature through an intense artistic practice, subjecting the materials to a tense balance of forms and the expressiveness of color, which seems to melt organically over the structure. The artist thus captures a reflection on evolution, creating a connection between art and science. Arne Quinze is a Belgian conceptual artist best known for his unconventional and controversial public art installations. Quinze also creates sculptures, paintings and drawings. He began working as a graffiti artist in Brussels in his late teens and never completed a formal art education. He is known for his characteristic wooden plank sculptures. His installations are built to provoke reactions and intervene in the daily lives of passers-by who are confronted with his sculptures. In 2006 he attracted attention with the construction of "Uchronia: A Message from the Future," a large wooden sculpture at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. Cityscape (2007) and The Sequence (2008) are two of his gigantic wooden public art installations in the center of Brussels (Belgium). It was the first time that a sculpture gave the impression of touching two buildings in the city center while traffic continues to pass underneath it. In Munich, Germany, he built Traveller (2008) for the French luxury fashion and leather goods brand Louis Vuitton. Other public art installations by Arne Quinze have been unveiled in central Paris, France (Rebirth, 2008), Beirut, Lebanon (The Visitor, 2009) and Louisville, Kentucky (Big Four Bridge). Quinze has created striking installations, which he conceives of as substitutes for the old market squares, such as Red Beacon (2010), which is located in the Jing'an Sculpture Park. Other of his works focus on the axiom that people tend to seek a safe environment, a womb that eliminates the unexpected. He realized the virtual installation Rock Strangers (2011) at the Statue of Liberty in New York on July 4 in collaboration with Beck's for his Green Box Project. In the context of Mons 2015 European Capital of Culture, he built a wooden installation called The Passenger. In 2009, Quinze installed a "Stilthouse" called The Visitor in Beirut, Lebanon, near his newly developed Souk complex, and the auction house Phillips de Pury & Company invited the artist to present his work in their London gallery. Due to its success in early 2010, the exhibition was extended at the Saatchi Gallery in London, at the Duke of York's Seat on the King's Road. During Hamburg Art Week (2011) he presented new works showing a change in the use of materials, including shattered old porcelain symbolizing the destruction of our family traditions. In June 2014, Quinze created a unique artwork in collaboration with Veridor: 45 kg of precious metals transformed into a "natural chaos". This work of art was made primarily of 18-karat rose gold and 18-karat palladium white gold in rod and tube form, as well as gold wire and leaf. The piece, called Natural Chaos. Golden Edition No. 1 is on sale for €1.8 million on the online luxury marketplace JamesEdition.