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Olympism and poetry/ 1872 and 1934/ Beauty/ Ideal/...

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Olympism and poetry/ 1872 and 1934/ Beauty/ Ideal/ Lawyer. Two volumes of great curiosity, testifying to the permanence of the Olympic idea over time:a) In a superb prestige binding, "Les Olympiades, album de l'Académie des poètes, 1872"... In fact, these are the best poems in all genres (except sports) from the Eighth Olympiad (a curiosity, like the one in Paris in 1924). On 500 pages (23x14), satirical, anacreontic and religious odes pulsate under the "Olympiades" lightning rod of Hercules, "who instituted the Olympic Games, in honor of Jupiter Olympian", justifies Auguste de Vaucelle in his preface. This selection is that of the winners of a competition held in 1870, which, due to the war, was not published until 1872. With partially faded mailing; b) "Livre d'or des Jeux de l'Olympe, tournoi de printemps 1934 (section poésie). This volume on large paper with qq traces of humidity preserves the works of the best of the 3,492 French and foreign poets, who in 1934 played with rhymes and alexandrines for the beauty of the gesture. Nothing sporting, apart from a nod to mountaineering... Brittany, Narbonne, Chambord, peasants, love and beauty are all sung over 350 pages (21.5x16). When, as here, we see the multiple declensions and Olympic variations over time, fashions and countries, it's hard to see who could register a label of exclusivity with a form of anteriority without being challenged.