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(Gengenbach, Phamphilus).

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Nouella. If someone has begun the new march, he will be seen in this book. He will hear the great upper door, Which has gone for a short time (Basel, Pamphilus Gengenbach, 1522/23). 4°. 18 unn. Hlwd of the 19th century. VD 16, G 1211. Goed., Grundriss II, 147, 16 and Gengenbach 514, 16. Neufforge p. 341: "von allergrösster Seltenheit". Jerome 319 (with an attempt to attribute the woodcuts). Muther 1371. Flögel III, 209 - Gengenbach's best satire in rhyme against Murner, who wants to invoke the Reformation, but is devoured by its spirit. "In his short essay on the woodcuts by the Basel painter Conrad Schnitt... [Koegler] concludes by pointing out that some Basel woodcuts from around 1521 to 1524 should be examined for their connection with Schnitt's work... among them Gengenbach's Mönchskalb and the Novella and other related, unnamed illustrations by Gengenbach and Lamparter. In his later article on Hans Herbst (Thieme/B. XVI, 450), Koegler lists Gengenbach's Gestryfft Schwitzer Baur, the Novella and the Hercules Germanicus in the first of the two groups of woodcuts he tries to assign to Herbst, without referring to his earlier opinion. The woodcuts of the Novella, however, now originate from at least two, probably three, partly quite different hands ..." (Here.). - The woodcuts sporadically somewhat fainter in the impression, a few sheets trimmed to the right margin; some minimal loss of image. - Title page with hs. Number and brown stain on woodcut. - Remains of 1 sheet stain on last sheet. - Extremely rare.