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Biblia germanica.

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Biblia, Das ist: Die gantze H. Schrifft, Altes und Newes Testaments Teutsch D. Martin Luther. 3 vols. in 2 vols. Nuremberg, Endter 1641. fol. With 29 engravings. 65 pp., 590, 451 p.; 1 pp., 384 p., 15 pp. (rubbed and worn). Bibelslg. Württ. LB, E 777, Jahn 41 ff. - First edition of the Weimar Elector's Bible. - Among the engravings the rare and mostly missing heretic tree, "which is to be found in few copies and is therefore excellently estimable" (Goeze p. 202 ff.). - Contains the following engravings: 2 engraved titles (AT and NT), 5 engraved captions. Intertitles, heresy tree, 12 portraits (11 electors and dukes and Luther), Augsburg Confession (large plate), a heraldic engraving, 4 partly folded maps (Canaan, Travels of Luther). Maps (Canaan, Journeys of Paul, Journey of the Patriarchs, Journey of the Savior), Noah's Ark (dplblgr.), two different plans of Jerusalem. Plans of Jerusalem. - Some spotting and browning, several leaves with marginal tears, some folding copperplate with damage (some underneath), title slightly trimmed.