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Set in 18K yellow gold, 750/°°°° - Love ring,...

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Set in 18K yellow gold, 750/°°°° - Love ring, T.D.D. 45, Eagle hallmark. - Ring with green stone. - Wedding band with horse symbol, T.D.D. 53, Eagle hallmark. - Watch-type ring, Aigle hallmark. - Hollow ring in yellow, white and pink gold. - Ring set with a garnet center stone paved with twelve zirconium oxides, T.D.D. 54, Aigle hallmark. - Pair of children's hoop earrings, diameter 10 mm. - Rectangular mesh chain and little train pendant, length 46 cm. - Double-filed forçat bracelet. - Green stone pendant. - Pair of gold nugget earrings. - A gold nugget earring, 750/°°° to 999/°°. - Push-button clasp. - Ring with six sapphires and central zircon, sixteen zirconium oxides, two zircons missing, Aigle hallmark. Weight: 46.2 g. Service remettant : AGRASC Place of delivery: To be announced XXXXX 97300 CAYENNE Tel: 05 94 28 99 00 Contact: To be announced later Visits and collection by appointment.