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A RARE ICON OF THE HEAVENLY LADDER OF ST. JOHN KLIMAKOS Russian, Palekh, 19th century Tempera on wood panel with kovcheg. Executed with gold highlights. The composition organized around the ladder, in the earthly realm against a Church with prominent onion domes topped by a cross, a group of monks preparing for their ascent under the guidance of St. John, the latter portrayed haloed and displaying a scroll. Three monks depicted on the steps, a group of monks hindered by a devil and falling into the fiery mouth of the monster, that is the personification of hell. A monk successfully reached the top of the ladder and being welcomed by Christ, beyond the level of the clouds the garden of paradise depicted with saints rejoining in the heavenly banquet. Minor areas of retouching. 35 x 30.2 cm _x0013_SELTENE IKONE DER HIMMELSLEITER DES JOHANNES KLIMAKOS Russia, Palekh, 19th century Composite of three boards with two reverse sponki. Kovcheg, egg tempera on chalk ground, partially gilded. 35 x 30.2 cm. Minor adjustments.