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P. BERJEAN (Belgium, 20th century). "Man fighting...

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P. BERJEAN (Belgium, 20th century). "Man fighting a panther". Bronze sculpture with silver patina. Signed. Measurements: 63 x 39 x 10,5 cm. Art Deco sculptural group representing a hunter fighting against a fierce panther that shows its jaws. Especially the animal is worked with great detail, paying special attention to capture the movement, tension and violence of the scene. The representation of wild animals was one of the most frequent themes during the Art Deco period, since this was the time of the discovery of wild Africa, mainly by reporters covering the new rallies. European society was fascinated by the exotic fauna in freedom, a reflection of a world still to be exploited, still far from the control imposed by civilization. Representations of animals of all kinds, especially felines but also birds, gazelles, elephants, etc., proliferated. Of course, always treated under the aesthetics of the time, with a solid classicist base, orderly and harmonious, synthetic and reduced to its essence, expressive and forceful in its simplicity.