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Standing Buddha. Laos, kingdom of Lang Xan, 16th...

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Standing Buddha. Laos, kingdom of Lang Xan, 16th century (or earlier). Bronze. Deep green patina, state of excavation. Without hands. Good general condition. Measurements: 34 x 8 x 6 cm; 40 cm with stand. Buddha full body, originally from the kingdom of Lang Xan. It is characterized by the aristocratic bearing enhanced by the fine work simulating brocades in the robe and the meticulous headdress, under which two long earrings appear. As for the delicacy of the features, we identify several lakshana or specific symbols of the plastic representation of buddhas and bodhisattvas of sacred significance, such as the eyelids rolled up, symbol of spiritual concentration and purity, for its similarity to the petals of the lotus. The serene and symmetrical face is a symbol of the balance and serenity of a perfect being. The long earrings allude to those worn by members of the upper classes and represent the concepts of greatness, nobility and wisdom.