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NASA. APOLLO 8 Mission. An impressive oblique...

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NASA. APOLLO 8 Mission. An impressive oblique perspective of the lunar surface as first seen by the human eye from Earth orbit. The astronauts of the APOLLO 8 Mission were able to document the extraordinary reality of the lunar landscape as never before observed by man. The immense lunar craters and their mountains were immortalized in fantastic photographs, revealing to mankind the reality of the surface of the Earth's natural satellite, which has fascinated mankind since the dawn of time. Here, in the foreground, the Goclenius crater in the Sea of Fertility. Above, the Colombo crater on the left and the Magelhaens crater on the right. December 1968.period chromogenic print on paper: "THIS PAPER MANUFACTURED BY KODAK". NASA logo and typed caption on back. 20.3 X 25.4CM with margins.