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MISSION in the Baol and Sine, 5th Engineer Regiment....

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MISSION in the Baol and Sine, 5th Engineer Regiment. Senegal. Mission to study the railroad between Thiès and Fatik, by Major Marnier, head of mission, Baol-Sine detachment (Senegal). Important work recounting the mission to build a railroad (the 5th Engineer Regiment is an army regiment specialized in railroad work). Set of 143 photographic prints on albumen paper (x135) and citrate paper (x8). Handwritten annotations in ink under the prints. The prints are inserted by the corners. Title page with a group photo listing names and ranks. Circa 1892 - 1893. Dimensions: album 30 x 31 x 3 cm, photographs 17.2 x 12 cm (title page x1), 11.5 x 16.5 cm (x124) and 11 x 8.5 cm (x18). The photos show us the different villages: Thiès, Ker Amadouane, Guayakène, N'Goyère, Sésou, Fatik, ... Fulani, Severe, Wolof (Yoloff) villages, the lam Duafaye and his retinue, the village chief, the military palavering with the locals, ... We discover the local inhabitants at their daily activities: the market, the sewing workshop, the calabash maker, the coucous pounding, the cotton spinning, the weaver's workshop, the return from the well, the digging of a well, a borehole, the palaver, the raising of sheep and oxen, cotton ginning, the cotton market, the millet granary, a peanut convoy, caravanners, camel-drivers, navigation on cutters and jetties, a tamtam session, a person's funeral, ... Not forgetting the exuberant nature: baobab, palm, lianas, bush, termite mounds, etc. Numerous portraits of locals, men, women and children. Another copy of this album exists in the Bibliothèque nationale de France. It is marked: "Album de 131 photographies prises en 1892-1893 à l'occasion de la mission d'études de la voie ferrée entre Thiès et Fatik, dirigée par le commandant M.A.G. Marmier, don en 1893 du gouverneur du Sénégal, H. de Lamothe", who was governor from 1890 to 1895. The copy offered for sale therefore includes 12 additional photographs to the one in the "Bibliothèque Nationale de France", and is to date the only other known copy in private hands. Additional photos on request.