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Jean PUIFORCAT (1897-1945) Part of a silver 950...

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Jean PUIFORCAT (1897-1945) Part of a silver 950 thousandths and silver-plated metal "Biarritz" model menagère monogrammed "D.G" or "D.M" comprising: fifteen table forks; eight table spoons; fourteen fish cutlery sets; eight ice scoops and two coffee spoons; sixteen table knives; four silver-bladed fruit knives and ten cheese knives. Weight of silver: 4.620 kg Gross weight of knives: 2.180 kg Six pieces of silver-plated flatware, six tea spoons, six serving pieces (salad servers, cake scoops, sauce spoons, butter and cheese knives). (Worn from use). Jean Puiforcat designed some twenty pieces of cutlery from 1921 onwards. The name of our cutlery model evokes Jean Puiforcat's attachment to the Basque country, where the silversmith settled with his family near Saint-Jean-de-Luz on the hill of Urrugne around 1920. Its shape illustrates Jean Puiforcat's reflection on the function of the object, which dictates the form. A taste for straight lines, rigor and a desire for simplicity guide his choices. Jean Puiforcat revived the three-pronged fork, based on 17th-century French models, and instead of making them parallel but curved, he created a one-piece handle. For spoons, the spooner forms a perfect oval. Finally, for knives, the handle is as wide as the blade.