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Wooden LETTERBOX (H: 27 cm). Key missing. Pair...

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Wooden LETTERBOX (H: 27 cm). Key missing. Pair of wooden BOOKSCREENS with carved dogs painted black. H: 12 cm. Accents. Three CLOCHETTES, two in bronze, one depicting a woman, the other in brass. H: 7.5 and 11 cm. Two steel HANDHOLDS. L.: 23 and 26 cm. Missing. Pair of portable BALANCES with weights. In box. One is missing a locking hook. Two wooden COFFRETS, one painted gold and red (H: 8 cm) and the other mahogany veneered and decorated with a cartouche with the initials "G.N". (H: 5 cm.) Key missing. A PENDULET with two compartments, the dial signed "Europa - 2 Jewels". H: 11 cm. Several key rings are included.