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Ligbi mask Ghana/Côte d'Ivoire Wood and pigments H....

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Ligbi mask Ghana/Côte d'Ivoire Wood and pigments H. 34.5 cm Ligbi mask, Ghana, Ivory Coast H. 13 ½ in Provenance: Former Emile Storrer collection Rare Do mask composed of a human face surmounted by horns. The Ligbi are a West African people living on the border between Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire, east of Bondoukou. Long Muslim, the Ligbi have nevertheless maintained a masked festival, the do. This masquerade closes the Ramadan period, and is animated for several days by masked dancers accompanied by drums and songs, marking the preservation of traditions during these festivities linked to Islamic communities. C masks are mainly used for festive purposes during these celebrations, but are also sometimes used for funeral ceremonies. The face is a beautiful dark color, with scarifications and features enhanced by the use of colored pigments. The large ox horns that crown the head are typical of this type of piece. Their animal monumentality contrasts with the delicacy of the face. The mask's use during the "do" festival is evident in the complex hairstyle, which mimics that worn by Muslim women during the end-of-Ramadan festivities such as Aid-al-Kébir. This mask is a fine example of the syncretistic art of this region.

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