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SAGOT (Edmond). Set of 19 engraved promotional cards after G. Leheutre, Manuel Robbe, Jacques Villon, Maurice Taquoy, P. Helleu, E. Chahine, A. Berlon, Latenay, R. Ranft, J. Beurdeley, F. Vallotton, etc. Collected in a large cardboard envelope (from Les Maîtres de l'Affiche). Edmond-Honoré Sagot (1857-1917) was a bookseller, art dealer and publisher of original prints and posters. In 1881, he founded "Ed. Sagot" in Paris. This establishment still exists today under the name "Sagot - Le Garrec", and is one of the oldest art galleries still in business. Edmond Sagot was the first contemporary art dealer to specialize in prints and posters. Following his example, several print dealers emerged in the early 1890s: Gustave Pellet, Edouard Kleinmann, A. Arnould, then Ambroise Vollard, who served as the driving force behind the development, sale and promotion of prints by contemporary artists (source Wikipedia.)