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An Etruscan bronze votive statuette of a striding...

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An Etruscan bronze votive statuette of a striding man, 6th - 5th century B.C. Naked man with long hair striding to the right. Holding his bent right hand in front of his right hip, his left hand stretched out and pointing downwards. Eyes, mouth, fingers and hair clearly marked by incised lines. Two spikes under the feet for attachment to a base. Surface with incrustations and oxide deposits, otherwise intact. Typical votive statue of the Etruscan Archaic period. Length with spikes 10.5 cm. Comes with a plexiglass base. Provenance: Southwest German private collection, taken over from the estate of the father, acquired by him in the art trade between 1970 and 2000. Condition: II

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