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An Eastern Mediterranean bronze statuette of a...

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An Eastern Mediterranean bronze statuette of a warrior with horned helmet, 13th - 12th century B.C. Bronze figure on a capital-like pedestal, round at the bottom and widening to a square base at the top. The figure is dressed in a tunic-like, belted garment that ends just above the knees. The arms bent and close to the body, only shown very reduced and flat, in contrast to the rest of the figure. On the head with clearly elaborated anatomical details such as ears, eyes, nose and mouth, a conical helmet with a central ridge on the front, short horns on the sides. Beautiful dark green patina with olive green oxide layers. The figure reminds of representations of warriors of the so-called "Sea Peoples" or of representations of men with horned helmets from Enkomi. Height 8.4 cm. Provenance: South German private collection, taken over from the collection of the grandfather. Condition: I -

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