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A COMPOSITE NORTH EUROPEAN PIKEMAN’S CUIRASS, PROBABLY GERMAN, EARLY 17TH CENTURY comprising “Almain” collar formed of a single deep plate front and rear, each with an upturned neck-opening, and fitted to either side with an integral spaudler of seven downward overlapping lames; a medially ridged one-piece breastplate of late peascod fashion with an outward flanged lower edge supporting a fauld of two upward overlapping lames and a pair of large, slightly trapezoidal pendent one-piece tassets, each suspended on a pair of iron hinges and embossed to simulate eight upward-overlapping lames; and a one-piece backplate with a deeply flanged lower edge; decorated around the free edges of its tassets with recessed borders, and at their simulate secondary edges, the whole bearing a blackened finish