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SICILY - HIMERA 409-407 The nymph Himera in a...

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SICILY - HIMERA 409-407 The nymph Himera in a quadriga, holding the reins. Above, Niké crowns the nymph and holds a tablet on which we read: MAI. In exergue, pistrix. R/. Himera standing frontally, sacrificing on an altar. To the right, nude Silenus bathing in a fountain whose spout is a lion's head. Off-camera, IMEPAION. ♦ Pozzi 460; Jameson 617; de Luynes 977; SNG Lloyd 1022 Silver tetradrachm signed by the engraver MAI. (17,73 g) Very rare. Slightly off-center. Superb.

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