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François-Désiré FROMENT-MEURICE (1801-1855) Remarkable...

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François-Désiré FROMENT-MEURICE (1801-1855) Remarkable pendant in oxidized silver depicting a Gothic setting with a transparent blue glass background. A central group of figures in 18k (750 thousandths) cast yellow gold depicts a crusader departing with a knight kissing good-bye to his lady, whose train is held by a page. Another page holds the knight's helmet. Guarantee hallmark on the pin and goldsmith's hallmark on the lower back of the jewel. Circa 1850. Dimensions: 6 x 6.7 cm. Gross weight: 47.2 g. Expert's note: François-Désiré FROMENT-MEURICEwas one of the great Parisian silversmiths of his time, whose works were dispersed throughout Europe. Starting out as an apprentice chiseler with Lenglet, he quickly became a renowned silversmith, notably for his jewels reminiscent of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Numerous prizes and medals crowned his career, which came to an end just a few weeks before the 1855 Universal Exhibition. A similar example is in the British Museum, inv. no.: 1978, 1002.725 (donated by Hull Grundyen 1978). It features the same horizontal diamond-shaped hallmark with the letters FL and a balance in the center. The London model does not have a blue glass background over the entire surface, but in two panels, leaving the center openwork. Another similar iconographic model is preserved in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in the form of a chatelaine (inv. no.: 24059, gift of 1924), which does not feature blue glass but touches of blue enamel on certain architectural elements. Reference: Pariser Schmuck, Bayerischen Nationalmuseum, München, 1989, p. 51, 88-89.

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